Monday, January 19, 2015

Kudo3d Titan1 Assembly

Here are the steps required:

Note: Follow the steps in the build manual, and you can use this pictures to understand better!

Open all boxes except resin containers (in white boxes) as they are sensitive. Remove the front, left and right panels. I didn't show here but add the feets to the bottom.

Linear stage: This is the long metal on the top of the box. You need to make the T-nuts loose (T-nut are the metals in each side). insert the motor to the hole.

It should match the border of case.

Inside look

After attaching the screws to the T-nuts

Align the module in hole to be in middle

T-nuts aligned.

It is like 3 mm from each side, then tighten the screws.

Take metal structure and remove plastic, the plastic part will be faced to front.

A shiny surface under plastic.

Attach screws from left to right,

It will look like this.

Align the screws like this

Attach and tighten each slowly, meaning don't tight one strong, but go through all with small steps.

Add heat sink to board

Remove plastic holders

Align board. TIP: Before attaching board, you can now attach the fan electric.

Attach board, and tighten


We will use this pins.


Attach fan.

The fan should be aligned to panel.

The electric connection of fan (as advised you can attach before)

Projector with plastic cover. I removed them completely, but then realized it is advised to use, so attached back some of them.

We will use this ones to attach.

Place them to 3 holes

2 spacers to the bottom screws.

Attach cables.

Place and tighten projector, again slowly, small steps to each.

Align screws in middle.

Disconnect electric of fan, find a screwdriver like this.

Connect wire to D9.

Red flag is positive.

Connected cables.

Attach rs232 to usb

Cables from the hole in back

Another view:

Use plastic from packaging to bring them together.

I used also cable collector (from ikea).

And the length of cable collector.

Cable collector inside.

Build platform

Use your fingers first

Then tighten.

Not necessary but good.

Build platform logo facing front



Cables done.

Completed box.

after the top cover.

I haven't installed the resin container yet, but it is straightforward.


da Rocha said...

nice job, thank you for sharing your knowledge

Anonymous said...

Well done man !